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Log Data

  1. Timer information
  2. Log information

Timer information

The timer information page (shown above) is the first page that the user will see when selecting the clock icon from the navigation bar. The clock icon in the navigation bar is illuminated when this page is visible, and the user can return to this page at any time by tapping the clock icon.

The page shows five different timers:

Tapping the reset button will clear all time information, including the persistent timer data. The user will be prompted to confirm this operation.

Log information

The log page (shown left) can be found to the right of the timer page.

The logger shows time-stamped information about any user actions made within the app. Some users may find the logs useful in a situation where they adjust a parameter, but then wish to return to a previous setting. The logger will show previous values of the various controls, allowing the user to retrace their steps back to a previous setup. NOTE: No usage statistics are extracted from the app without the user explicitly sending this information.

The contents of the log can be copied to the device clipboard using the copy button so that they can be sent, recorded, or processed using a 3rd party app. The contents of the log can be erased using the clear button. The user will be prompted to confirm this operation in the event of the button being tapped accidentally. The log data is not persistent, and has a limited number of entry slots. This is so it will not bloat the size of the app in memory after extended use.